The Blackfeather Chronicles KICKSTARTER!!

The Blackfeather Chronicles is a fantabulous web series and EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT

Donate to the Kickstarter to publish Ruth’s second Blackfeather Chronicles book, The Germhact Episode!

This is Birdy interrupting your webcomic times to bring you an important plea! Ruth wrote a very awesome web novel and we need donations to get it printed and Kickstarter is awesome and there are fabulous prizes if you contribute! Drawings and books and cloaks and things!

Here is The Blackfeather Chronicles trailer!

Also we’re going to be at NYCC/NYAF this weekend (with the book)

did you go to the kickstarter yet

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One Response to The Blackfeather Chronicles KICKSTARTER!!

  1. KaitNo Gravatar says:

    oh girls! if i had a credit card i’d empty it all right now to get moar blackfeather chronicles~!XD

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