'these blank panel backgrounds are looking a little bare' 'shhhh don't point it out'

We couldn’t get a tree this year because of reasons, so Ruth decorated… everything else that held still. Photos later!

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3 Responses to decorations

  1. The Lawful Man says:


    Nah, but seriously, I'm feeling pretty much the same way…not to mention that having a very ornery cat makes me question the wisdom of hanging up pretty shiny things.

    • BirdyNo Gravatar says:

      My holiday spirit is back in October. With Halloween. WHICH IS THE BEST HOLIDAY.

      The trick is to hang them very high off the ceiling, and not near any shelves. Cats are one of the reasons mentioned above as to why we don’t have a tree. >_>a

  2. KaitNo Gravatar says:

    i see, but then again I have 2 labrador retrievers and two cats
    and my aunt has 5 cats and we’ve never actually had any broken ornaments, cats are alot more nimble than to break ornaments, and even if they do decide that the tree topper is a cat toy, if you have carpeting beneath the tree it should be fine. We got the plastic ornaments also as a precaution, those things can handle a 7 foot fall so that’s also an option
    I’m glad your holidays are going well so far!

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