and now you know why the comic isn't in color

A Very Special Comic Episode about addictions.

(that’s Plants vs. Zombies by the way)

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4 Responses to addicts

  1. The Lawful Man says:

    Skyward Sword? When did you get a Wii? I’m quite envious. I miss the Zelda series. A lot. :(

    • BirdyNo Gravatar says:

      umm two weeks before Skyward Sword came out? Explicitly to play the new Zelda game?? 8Da

      I’ll probably be putting one of those derpy play-by-play ‘reviews’ of it on my LJ eventually.

  2. kaitNo Gravatar says:

    dont worry Birdy! my school psychologist says that “everyone has some sort of problem”
    ……wow, i guess you both have video game based problems…but hey its all love here! i am a self-proclaimed D&D Online addict! (actually im waiting for it to load right now LOL

  3. MelissaNo Gravatar says:

    oks…. how bad is it that i know and love both those games? i’m playing skyward right now and keep looking over at my mastersword like yeah… forget the plants i can take the zombies….. ^_^

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