Adopted Assassin Galaxy Stab

Gamora cosplay wig

This curly maroon-brown wig fades to red at the edges, and works for Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy and the second version of Mink from DRAMAtical Murder.


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6 Responses to Adopted Assassin Galaxy Stab

  1. Groot says:

    I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot.
    (Translation: Nice to see some Gamora love here. Just don’t make your costume too good or I’ll mistaken you for the real thing.)

  2. Peter says:

    If this was ordered this weekend for shipping to the UK, do you know roughly when we could expect it to arrive? (Want it for a cosplay on the 12th of september)



    • Most of our customers in Great Britain have received their merchandise in around two weeks. Much of the time of shipment depends on customs wait times in your country, which are beyond our control.

  3. Megan says:

    Is it possible to pre-order this wig for when it comes back in stock in November?

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