Regular Leggy Blue Jay

Mordecai Cosplay WigThis wig, with its very bright blue top and very dark blue bottom, is 7.5″ (19 cm) long. It’s fluffy and a bit mullety, and works well for a human version of Mordecai from Regular Show. If you trim the black portion short, it could work for Neptune from RWBY.


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8 Responses to Regular Leggy Blue Jay

  1. Auds says:

    hi :D so I just ordered the wig, and I was wondering is there anything I should know? (as in washing it, straightening it, etc) also, I’m excited to get it, I love it :D I’m gonna cosplay Mordecai

    it would be nice to have the answer on my deviantart or hotmail, thanks :D

    • Birdy says:

      The wigs come with some basic care instructions on their tags. Our wigs can be washed (the tag has more precise instructions how) and straightened (or curled- they’re heat resistant)! Luckily a shorter wig like this is a good starter wig, they’re much easily to care for than long wigs.

  2. Girl cosplayer :D says:

    Is the shipping fee free of charge or not?
    I didnt see you specify it xD

    Cool wig btw, hope i can buy this sooner

    • Birdy says:

      The shipping costs different amounts depending on where you’re shipping it to and the weight of the wig being shipped.
      If you click the Add To Cart and enter in your zip code, PayPal can estimate how much standard shipping would cost.

  3. Rebecca Main says:

    Curious about something – i know you guys already have a wig meant for Princess Luna from MLP, but I was gonna spice it up abit and make her abit more of an active type of character than a ‘sit a throne all day’ kind of cosplay. What I was wondering is can these wig be dyed to another color or so, like use the purple dye to make the blue wig here abit indigo for my Princess Luna cosplay?

  4. jason says:

    if you cut the back black for neptune from rwby, then the back is to short :(. Will there be more wigs dedicated to rwby especially with co founders passing? i really want to represent as neptune,

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