Faded Siren Border Walker

Lilith Cosplay WigThis short rusty auburn wig with white tipped long bangs on one side works well for Lilith from Borderlands.


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4 Responses to Faded Siren Border Walker

  1. Molly says:

    I Want to use this wig for my Raymond Vester (RE: Revelations) Cosplay, but I would have to dye it with red ink. Would the color come out even or would the white just turn Pink?

  2. rylee says:

    How much is the shipping?

    • Birdy says:

      Shipping varies according to the weight of the wig and where it’s being sent to. You can find more details on our FAQ.
      If you add this wig to your cart, there’s an option on PayPal to enter your zip code and get an estimation of how much shipping would cost.

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