Angry Kicking Djinn And Tunic

Morgiana Cosplay WigThis bright pink wig is short in the back, with collarbone-length pieces around the face and straight-across bangs. It comes with a single small clip-on ponytail. It works well for Morgiana from Magi.


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5 Responses to Angry Kicking Djinn And Tunic

  1. Sami Yoon says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you’d be able to get this style wig in a sea foam green / turquoisey color? I’d like to be young bulma for Halloween and the style of this wig is perfect! If not, you have a different wig I can use, but this one is spot on, thanks!

  2. Mason Archuleta says:

    How soon could this be shipped to seattle?

    • Birdy says:

      We ship out orders the next business day after we receive them, and an order to Seattle would probably take about five business days to get there.

  3. Liesse says:

    Would it be possible to order this with a second ponytail? Magical Girl Pink Heartbreak is pretty darn close length-wise as a wig for Whitney from Pokemon, but this is the PERFECT color.


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