Elevensies Barefoot Ring Bearer

Blonde Hobbit Cosplay WigThis curly short (3″ (9 cm)) blonde wig is great for various hobbits (see Second Breakfast Barefoot Burglar for brunette hobbits) and Hazuki Nagisa from Free!


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23 Responses to Elevensies Barefoot Ring Bearer

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  2. Keikaichan says:

    Hey! Do you think this wig could be used for Enjolras from the Les Miserables(2012 movie)?

    By the way, your wigs are always in perfect quality and I probably buy at least two each year. Thank you for being so great! <3

  3. Samantha says:

    This wig is fantastic. Absolutely PERFECT for my friends Bilbo cosplay! <3

  4. Claire Johnson says:

    When will this wig be back in stock? Or will it be back in stock by July 14th?

  5. Diane "Suku" says:

    I’m so sad, i wanted this wig so much, but i have a convention in april and since it is still out of stock, i will have to find something somewhere else on internet. T-T Don’t want to, this one is the only one who was perfect.

  6. Rachel says:

    Hi, do you think this wig would work for a bilbo cosplay? or the darker one would be better?

  7. Emily says:

    I’m very sad that this wig is out of stock. It would perfectly fit for my hobbit cosplay in march and i’d be very pleased to wear it. When will it be available again?

  8. kanon says:

    when you think youll have this in stock again? id love to purchase one :)

  9. Alaina says:

    Is this going to be available in the near future?

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