10 thoughts on “Zippy Gosh Apple Suspenders

  1. hey I was wondering how much of this style of wig do you have in stock and how long roughly does shipping take? thank you for reading my question hope to hear from you soon have a great day!

  2. This one is going pretty fast! We have 4 left right now. Shipping within the US usually happens inside a week. I can ship on Monday, if you like, and put through your order before 9am central time of Monday May 20. after that shipping times will be delayed by a day or two as I drive to Boston for Anime Boston, where I’ll start shipping everything out again starting Thursday.

    1. There’s an option for 2 poof ponytails only now- so just add the base wig only and the 2 poof ponytails options both to your cart and check out. 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m wanting to possibly buy this for a Imp Midna cosplay, but I would only need one long pony-tail clip on. How much would that be?

    1. Our pricing structure has any short wig with a long ponytail is $40, so it’d cost the same with just one ponytail. You can keep the second tail around as an extra in case the first one frizzes out or something.

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