black braid clips

These 40″ (101 cm) long wig accessories can turn your black wig into a cosplay for Soifon from Bleach, Touko Fukawa from Dangan Ronpa, and Meenah Peixes from Homestuck. The braids are shown here with our Death By Smoking Butterfly wig. They have the same sort of easily attachable small clips as our bang clips.
You can find these here!

21 thoughts on “black braid clips

    1. They’ll be back in stock in about three weeks. To order them with a wig just add them to your cart and then go add to cart the wig you want before checking out- PayPal will keep track of your cart until you check out.

  1. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to let the braids out, and about where the braids fall to. I can’t really tell with my phone. If the braids cannot be taken out, do you have any black wigs that are about knee length? Or any wigs about that length?

  2. I second the question about un-braiding them! They look like they could be put to work for Kitana from Mortal Kombat in her ponytail/braid days, but they’re so thin, I was hoping they could be un-braided and re-braided looser to plump them out. Whatcha think? Thanks!

    ps- I miss you guys.

  3. How long will these be out of stock? I have a con to go to soon and I would like to order this as soon as possible.

  4. Hey! I was wondering when theyd be back in stock I am going to cosplay meenah and need them soon! I know youve been asked this about a billion times hehe. Please answer back soon! Id really appreciate it.

    1. Remedy this: make that the 23rd. I’d like to have it in time for a Halloween Cosplay meetup I want to attend if at all possible.

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