Bad Wolf Tiem Stahp

Rose Tyler Cosplay WigThis shoulder-length (5″ (13 cm) long) pale blonde wig with bangs works well for Rose Tyler from Doctor Who, Ivan Karelin from Tiger & Bunny, Roxy Lalonde from Homestuck, and Patty Thompson from Soul Eater. It comes out of the bag with the ends slightly flipped up, but these could be straightened out or curled further depending on who you’re cosplaying.


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38 Responses to Bad Wolf Tiem Stahp

  1. Amelia Pond says:

    Yay!!! Finally! A Rose Tyler wig!

  2. MissMagget says:

    Do you have an estimated time when these will be back in stock?

  3. Lishia says:

    Quick question, will these be back in stock and sold at AnimeNEXT this year? Or will it be a longer restock time?

  4. Locken says:

    This wig could work for Ivan Karelin from Tiger&Bunny!

  5. Teenie Tina says:

    Would this wig work for Tint Tina from Borderlands 2!? Because it looks perfect for her, and I was quite exstactic to see it! :D

  6. clare says:

    how does it work with heat and water? i’m planing on cosplaying as roxy and i might flip the bottom curls a little more. how does it work with heat and water? if not what method could i use to make the ends flip? (does it work with a curling iron? sorry i do not know much about wigs!!) :)

  7. siobhan says:

    I bought this wig on the 25th of july but i still haven’t received it even though i paid for international priority air and i also didn’t receive a tracking number even though i’ve been told its been shipped.
    I need this wig for a cosplay on the 10th and if i don’t get it i would have spent hundreds of dollars on a cosplay that i won’t be able to wear. Is there any way for me to get a tracking number or a contact number for americas international postal service so i can find out what’s happened to it?
    Thank you. C:

  8. Alice says:

    Any idea when this will be back in stock?

  9. Wendy says:

    Ugh, god, this would be SO PERFECT for Terezi if it were in black!

  10. Emma says:

    Hello! I ordered this wig yesterday evening and was just wondering what the expected date of arrival might be. (I may have to leave my apartment for a few weeks in the summer, so if it’s arriving during that time, I’ll need to arrange to have someone pick it up for me.) Thank you!

    • Birdy says:

      I sent you your confirmation email with tracking number this morning, and that can be used to check where your order is. Right now USPS is saying it’ll be there on Friday.

  11. Jay says:

    Come back, wig! I need you!

    Also, you’re awesome at names.

  12. Riley Blake says:

    Would this wig work well for gwen stacy from the amazing spiderman or would you have one that would work better?

  13. eyyy says:

    when will these come back to stock? :3

  14. Maxwell Walsh says:

    How long would you say shipping usually takes to get to Canada? I know you aren’t in control of that, but is there a usual time period you notice that it takes to get here. I ordered this wig around the beginning of December and I’m still waiting on it. I’ve had wigs that have taken longer then this to get here, but I’m just curious is all because it turns out I might need it for an event so I want to know if rescheduling the event would be necessary. Thank you for your time and I’m sorry for a difficult question.

  15. Allie Yo says:

    It says it’ll be back in stock in January, seeing as how it is January 12th, I was wondering when this item will be back in stock?

  16. Maxwell Walsh says:

    My wig still isn’t here and I ordered it the starting of December and now it’s almost the end of February, I commented about it earlier but received no reply when it was confirmed that it was lost in the mail. My mother purchased it via her credit card so she is the one who received the confirmation email that it was sent so she’s trying to hunt it down for proof of purchase. I just wanted to know what my options of solving the problem are? Like will I get a refund or will a new wig be shipped to me? I’ll get her to email you guys once she finds the email, but I was just curious as to what will happen?

    • Birdy says:

      I’m sorry about it not arriving! Could you shoot us an email at detailing the email her PayPal account uses, and roughly when and which wig you ordered?
      Once we’re able to track down the order and figure out what happened to it, refunds or a new wig are possible, but we’d like to see what happened with the shipping first.

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