40 thoughts on “Vocal Sight Glam Cat”

  1. I have a quick question about this one. Would it be considered white blondish? I wanted to buy this one for my Balalaika costume.

  2. Would this wig possibly work for Kusuriuri from Ayakashi Mononoke? I think its about the same color, length and wavy-ness.

  3. I bought this at Otakon and it’s wonderful!!! I also found I can use it for many characters. Not just SeeU, but Tsumugi from K-On!, Fem!Russia from Hetalia, and Mary from Ib. It’s a wonder-wig, if you will.

      1. Thank you very much! I was originally using Arda wigs for everything, then I found you guys. Your wigs are gorgeous! They’re soft, fit nicely, hardly ever tangle, and are actually comfortable! A couple of the wigs I used before we’re very uncomfortable, itchy and would start to hurt after a while. I replaced a good chunk of those wigs with yours.

  4. Hi! I’m thinking of possibly using this wig for a Lady Rainicorn (from Adventure Time) cosplay, and I’m wondering if you might have anything in the way of blonde pony tails that might match this wig’s color as a tail?

  5. Hello! c:

    I am possibly thinking of using this wig for my OoT Zelda cosplay. Do you think the bangs would be able to be slicked back a bit without the wig net showing on the bottom?
    It’s a beautiful wig and I could use it for many more of my cosplays.

    1. That sort of thing is pretty tough to do nicely with a wig that’s not specifically designed for it. The sort of wig you’d want for that is a lace-front wig, which sadly we don’t carry. Arda Wigs does, though- I think their Arwen wig is blonde might work for Zelda.

  6. Hey, so, is this wig really suited to being pulled into high pigtails, as implied in the description re: Junko? (Not that I don’t trust you, I just wanted to make sure.) I’m so excited if it is; finding wigs that work for that is quite difficult, and this one is beautiful. Cheers!

  7. Do you think i can move the bangs to the left side, and some on the right? this wig color and length is what I’ve been looking for, for my Luna Lovegood cosplay, it’s just the bangs that i think wouldn’t work well. D:

    1. I think it could work, though yeah, the bangs aren’t perfect. Unfortunately our wig nearest in length and color to her hair (this one) has even shorter bangs that come cut straight across.

  8. I too am wondering if this wig would suit Sonia Nevermind (Super Dangan Ronpa 2), it’s a beautiful wig

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