13 thoughts on “Disco Ninja Frog Promise”

  1. Hi! i bought this wig at MTAC just afew days ago and its AWESOME! Great color and feels fantastic 😀 i have a question could btho is there anyway i buy just the tracks? Im useing it as a link from zelda wig and his hair is just a bit longer on the sides, so do yall sell just the tracks?

    1. We do not sell just the tracks. :c Sorry!
      Kinda solution- they wouldn’t be as long, but if you flattened the back of the wig down or chopped the back up a bit but left the side bits uncut, it would give the impression of his little ear-tufties.

  2. Hi I’m from Italy, and I wanted to know if this wig is still available and can be shipped to Italy before the 20th of January..
    Thankyou :)

  3. I’m curious, how long is this wig when completely flattened out? I was thinking of using it for one of my cosplays but I wasn’t sure if it was long enough…!

  4. Hi there! Do you think this wig would work good for Ricken from Fire Emblem: Awakening, or would a longer wig suit him more?

  5. Hello! I’m just wondering, how long is this wig? It look pretty short (for Chihiro) but that might just be the model’s head or something, so that’s why I’m asking.

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