Itteh Bitteh Pank Bübble

bright pink ponytail BJD wig on an MSD BJDThis adorable bright pink clip-on ponytail BJD wig is available in 16 cm (6-7″), 19 cm (7-8″), and 22.5 cm (8-9″) sizes (temporarily out of stock in 22.5 size). It’s the same color as Itteh Bitteh Desu Princess, so you could mix and match the ponytails from this wig with that one.


wig sizes

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11 Responses to Itteh Bitteh Pank Bübble

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  2. Emily says:

    THIS IS AMAZING. Any possible way to get it in Miku!teal/aqua? (6-7)

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  4. Taylor says:

    If a doll has a 17 cm head, would you reccomend getting the 16 or 19 cm wig?

  5. Rosseta says:

    You guys should make this is into a normal wig for cosplayers!!!

  6. Wanilla-bean says:

    Would it be possible for you guys to make/get this wig for a 8″-9″ doll?
    If not, which size would fit better?

  7. Maria says:

    I love this. Could you restock the 8-9 size? Or would it be possible to put in a custom order? Thanks!!!

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