6 thoughts on “Gothic Lolipocalypse Caramel Cider Edition

    1. Some of the curls are going to probably come undone when the wig is being cared for, however the wig is heat resistant so they could be easily restyled with a curling iron.

    1. We haven’t tried braiding it, but I’m sure it could be done! Our wigs are heat resistant, so you could both straighten it out before braiding and recurl it after you’ve taken the braid out.

  1. This is a gorgeous wig. I’ve got the red and black one, through Cactus Mafia (Canadian branch). There’s a lot of fibre in it, so braiding and stuff will take some time, especially if you want to do something more elaborate. It is a little bit more maintenance than shorter wigs, but it still comes out beautifully.

    Last time I’ve worn mine, I was wearing a jacket (November cold snap). The bottom of the wig got matted and tangled. I thought that it will be beyond repair, but with some patience, detangling comb and a curling iron it’s back and good as new.

    I’m debating which one I could use next. I don’t do lolita styles, but this wig works for more than just that. I’ve used mine with my steampunk outfits.

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