Super Bolt Spectrum Flash

Rainbow Dash cosplay wigOur website is now 20% cooler: this short rainbow wig is perfect for Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. It’s about 10″ (25 cm) long, though we have a longer version.

The fabulous mane main picture was photographed by J.R. Blackwell.

This wig has been reviewed by velolciraptor!

You can also order a 25″ (63 cm) long ponytail clip-on (see photos below) to use as either a ponytail for your head or a pony tail by clipping it on your belt.



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87 Responses to Super Bolt Spectrum Flash

  1. Victoria says:

    By any chance, can you make the wig shorter? I’m trying to get this for my guy friend is cosplaying as a male Rainbow Dash.

    • Birdy says:

      Not really, but there are many online tutorials on trimming wigs. Also if you spiked it somewhat upward (like a more literal interpretation of Rainbow Dash’s mane), it would probably appear shorter without having to take scissors to it.

  2. Mary says:

    where did you guys get the pony cutie mark shirts?

  3. ocean says:

    hey i want to order the rainbow dash wig but how soon can it get to ny? i want to try and get it in before ny comic-con if thats not to much trouble QwQ

  4. Patricia says:

    If i order this one, how fast can I get it. I would like it for Halloween. I am located in Toronto

    • Birdy says:

      Usually orders to Toronto can get there in about two weeks, but do remember that we have no control over any extra time that customs may add to the shipping time. :(

  5. giulia says:

    do you shipping the wigs in Italy? And if yes, how fast can i get it? :)

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