Earth Lord Gerbil Spoink

Amaimon cosplay wigThis two-toned green and dark green wig is good for Amaimon from Blue Exorcist and Shintaro Midorima from Kuroko No Basuke. And maybe a Pokémon or two, we’re not sure. It comes unstyled, but the 6″ (15 cm) fibers could be pulled up into Amaimon’s spike, as shown.


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10 Responses to Earth Lord Gerbil Spoink

  1. PunkyPeachyNo Gravatar says:

    Oh wow! This wig is perfect for a Lifty or Shifty gijinka!

  2. Meep12No Gravatar says:

    Looks interesting, i like the colour of the wig. I’d like to see some more pictures where the wig is styled (how it looks from behind etc.) and maybe also with a brighter light, to see if the colour is the one I want, if possible. xD

  3. FlailingNinja says:

    Oh god. I saw this at your booth at ComicCon this year and now I really want it. O____O So cute.

  4. SamNo Gravatar says:

    Will this wig go back on sale anytime soon possibly before October???

  5. rebekahNo Gravatar says:

    So I’m wondering if it would be possible to get this in Colorado by the 1st of March?

    • BirdyNo Gravatar says:

      Yeah! It usually takes packages about a week to get places in the continental US with standard shipping, so you should be fine if you order soon.

  6. JoeyNo Gravatar says:

    Is there a ponytail is the darker colour that I could use to turn this into a longer wig? Or better yet, something that could turn this into a shoulder-length or so style? I have to give up cross-playing for health reasons, and I don’t want to have to give up my favourite wig just yet…

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