Skinny Bishie Clavicle Drama

Takuto cosplay wigThis dark red wig is thick and easily spiked, with fibers averaging 5″ (12 cm). It works well for Takuto from Star Driver, Edward from Cowboy Bebop, Kratos from Tales of Symphonia, and Shanks from One Piece.


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3 Responses to Skinny Bishie Clavicle Drama

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  2. Ishida03No Gravatar says:

    Hi, I have a few questions about this wig:
    1)How long and thick is the wig? Im thinking of getting it for Kratos.
    2)Is it long like the Jareth from Arda wigs.
    3) Can I make a few spikes without seeing the wig mesh.

    Thank you!!

    • BirdyNo Gravatar says:

      1) It’s extremely thick and spikeable.
      2) It’s a little shorter than the Jareth.
      3) You can certainly make quite a few spikes without showing any mesh.

      (sorry this response is so late! orz)

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