Eclipse Loli Ruffle Encounter

Black Ponytails Lolita WigThis midnight black wig has curly ponytails that are 20″ (50 cm) long. It is cute for a gothic lolita, and also works for characters like Lenalee from D-Gray Man. The full set comes with a base wig and two clip-on ponytails that you can place wherever you like.



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2 Responses to Eclipse Loli Ruffle Encounter

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous wig! I love it and the curls stay in place.

  2. dev says:

    one of the things that isn’t mentioned about this wig that i think should be is it’s PERFECT for cosplaying celes from dangan ronpa if you are doing a slightly more realistic take on the drill curls!! x x

    (naegi’s wig is your sky destiny clown shoes)

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