43 thoughts on “Angelic Striped Gothling Halo

  1. I just bought a Stocking wig from you guys at Zenkaikon. I love it SOOOO MUCHHH! Thank you!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU! <3

  2. I got my stocking wig today and I love it!!!! Thank you so much! This is way better than the one I got on ebay!

  3. I just got my wig in and it looks and feels great, but (being a novice wig wearer) are there any good tricks for counter balancing the weight in the back to keep it on where I want it?

    1. We’re glad the wig arrived just fine for you! To keep the wig firmly on your head, I suggest first tightening the adjustable straps at the back–they can be moved into different little pockets to make the wig fit your head. After that, several bobby pins at each temple can keep it from sliding backward.

      Since you’re new at wigs, I suggest looking at the info about detangling long wigs which is on our FAQ. The Stocking wig is not an easy one to keep nice, since it’s so long and it’s two colors together. Each time you wear it you’ll definitely need to spend some time detangling it before you put it away. Also, spraying it down with detangler before wearing can be helpful. Wig detangler is good, but ordinary hair detangler can work too. Just test it on the underside of the wig.

  4. I loved the wig but word of advice, don’t let it tangle in the beginning… they never…ever… come out. It’s just so long…

    1. Good advice! For this wig or any similarly long wig, I suggest spraying on either detangler or a mixture of water and conditioner as a pre-treatment before wearing.

  5. On the matching wig for Panty the description mentioned it would also be a good wig for Applejack. Would this be a good wig for Twilight then? The hair styles are quite similar. o.0

    1. We got the perfect Twilight Sparkle wig, it just isn’t up yet. We sold all but one as soon as we got them in. I’m reordering now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hello! I’ve heard absolutely WONDERFUL reviews about this website! I just have one question: In certain lighting fixtures, it’s difficult to tell what color things really are, so I was wondering what the exact colors in this wig are? Thank you for your time! I’m just weary because I’ve gotten horrible wigs before. ^^;

  7. I got this wig in the mail in perfect condition (: It’s beautiful, but very long for me since I’m short xD I’m 56″ and the yet is 43″ so you can imagine how long it is for me ๐Ÿ˜› I’m wearing it Saturday of Comic Con as Police Stocking so I will be stopping by at your stand :3

      1. mine got tangled really bad (this was my first wig)
        I also bought the detangler spray and washed it. and I also need a spare

  8. I just bought this wig I’m so excited for it to ship! My friend and I love the wigs you had at youmacon. Can’t wait!

  9. I got this at Katsucon and it ended up tangling pretty badly. ๐Ÿ™ I was thinking of using No More Tangles and Motions on it, do you have any other tips?

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