21 thoughts on “Loli Pink Amnesiac Six

    1. I am looking into a black ponytail wig. Do you like the length of the ponytails on this one, or are you looking for longer ones? Are the bangs just what you want, or would something like the Phantom Loli Ruffle Encounter long bangs be better? I’m hoping to put together something that will work for multiple characters and concepts.
      Whatever the particulars end up being, the black ponytail wig will probably be available in late March or early April.

  1. In all hoenstly there was always something wrong with the other ponytail wigs for me . either the ponytail was too long and didnt have enough volume or the bangs just me go “uggghhh-_-” but this one is perfect. I love the sharp bangs and skinny sides and the volume and length of the ponytails. My whole intention of getting this wig was so I could wear it with a lolita outfit BUT pink is just too much to handle XD. If you think it’s worth the wait than I’ll wait until april but if the color I was asking for (black) was tooo extreme I can settle for something else.

  2. Is there a way i could just by the clip ins from you? They are prefect for what i want but i alreayd have bought a pink wig from you and i was going to use it for multipul purposes and am looking for good pigtail clip ins like these

    1. We’re derps, and ordered all our pink wigs in different colors of pink, so none of them are a perfect match for these. 🙁 Let me know which pink wig you need a matching ponytail for, and how long and what type of ponytail you would like, and I’ll check and see if I can get one made up for you.

  3. Are you able to make this wig – or something very similar – available in an aqua blue or turquoise? I’m trying to set up a cosplay-ish Alice in Wonderland. Just like Shymedusa, I love the styling of this wig – it’s far more wearable than most of the ponytail wigs out there!

  4. Hey! would you say that this is the closest wig you have to a Scott Pilgrim Ramona Flower’s style without the clip ons?


    I couldn’t find anything else with the long bits in the front/sides and the short in the back

    The color isn’t quite the same but I really wanted to buy from you guys since I trust your quality and credibility. 🙂

    Also could I take a curling iron to this wig?

  5. I bought this wig at A&G Con last year. I love it! And the color is amazing! I’m always getting complements when people see it.

  6. Hey guys, I need this wig by the end of the month, do you guys have rush delivery for your wigs? It’s absolutely perfect for a human Charlotte the Witch cosplay. Thank you!
    ~ Synnara

    1. We do. Priority shipping should work for something you need to arrive by the end of the month, but if you want to be absolutely positive that it arrives in time, we do have express/overnight options. Shipping options are chosen at the end of the checkout process.

      1. I bought this I believe a few days after you commented and I received it, like, two or three days afterwards. I’m absolutely in love with it! I’ll send one or two customer photos once I have my cosplay finished.

  7. Is it possible for me to get this wig in hot pink? I was planning on cosplaying as Clover from “9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors” and this wig would work almost perfectly, except the color.

      1. Why thank you!
        It is possible to straighten the tails (all of our wigs are heat resistant) but I’m not sure how long they’d flatten out to. The bangs could be styled to approximate hers, I think.

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