Yosh! Princely Hero Type

England Cosplay WigThis platinum blond wig is about 4″ (10 cm) long and can be parted wherever you like. It’s a great wig for England (Arthur) from Axis Powers Hetalia, Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club, Shizuo from Durarara, Dave Strider from Homestuck, Oz Vessalius from Pandora Hearts, Link from The Legend of Zelda, Ken Joshima from Reborn!, Alois Trancy from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, Sanji from One Piece, Guy from Tales of the Abyss, Flynn from Tales of Vesperia, and Alibaba from Magi.


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45 Responses to Yosh! Princely Hero Type

  1. Haku says:

    Excellent wig! Very layered and flexible! Can go to a very elegant look to a very messy rough one! It’s the best short wig I’ve ever bought! I highly recommend using it! It already has a lot of layers and the bangs are at a very good length. Thank you so much, I will make sure to keep your wigs in mind for my next cosplay!

  2. Helena says:

    Do you think this wig could work for Dave from Homestuck?

  3. Raven says:

    This is a great wig! im hoping to buy one a bit after christmas, but im curious about styling wigs and such. I really want to use it for an Arthur kirkland cosplay… But i dont know anythign about wigs since it would be my first wig.

  4. Lana says:

    How difficult would it be to make this wig work for Strider?

    • Birdy says:

      Not difficult at all. Just sweep the bangs off to the one side with your fingers, maybe add a little hairspray so it doesn’t fall in your eyes.

  5. Lana says:

    Bought this wig two days ago and received it today. It’s absolutely superb! Thank you very much! :)

  6. Sharky says:

    Wonderful wig! I used it for my Dave Strider cosplay (haha. this was before you guys recommended it for him, lol) at Katsucon, and it was great for both days I was him. Excellently done. This is my first wig, so I don’t know much about them, but I would DEFINITELY buy from you again! Keep up the good work!

  7. Naru chan says:

    i just got Yosh! princely hero type and its awesome can’t wait to wear this with 2p england!

  8. Kaite says:

    I was wondering, you said it works for Dave, but im thinking, what about Dirk D: he is one of the new characters in homestuck.

  9. Barbara says:

    Also, with a little work, this wig works very nicely for Eric Slingby from the Black Butler musical.

    I have a picture of it in action, if you would like. I just have to find it.

  10. Moonie says:

    Do you think this would work for Rose from Homestuck?

  11. Sydney says:

    Hey, are you guys still selling this wig? I’m cosplaying 2P!England for Halloween, and would like to buy it, but I’m not sure if you guys still sell it, let alone if it’ll come in time if I order it. Thanks<3

  12. himee says:

    do you think this wig could work for a fem!Thor cosplay I’m planning? Obviously ideally it would be long but I really don’t want to dye my hair. Plus I much prefer this wig as I can use it for other cosplay later n.n

  13. Dave says:

    Would this look good as a Dirk Wig if I styled the wig with hairspray and such?

  14. Lana says:

    I think this wig might also work for Haru from Tsuritama. 8)

  15. Olivia says:

    This looks like it would work well for Finny from Black Butler, but is there a possiblity you have a wig with about the same cut that is a bit closer to the colour of Manly Blonde Scorched Casserole?

  16. Eeveepower says:

    I was wondering if I could see a photo of the back of this wig. I want to cosplay Neil from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning and I’m not sure if this one will work. What do you think?

  17. Emily says:

    Hello. I ordered this wig for Sweden for Hetalia and it works great. The bangs are a bit to long though for his haircut, do you think I should pin them to the side or ruffle it up and try to make them shorter or??

  18. Molly says:

    You guys should add in the description that this would work perfectly for Yuki from Gravitation.

  19. Lucille says:

    Hello! I sincerely can’t remember if I’ve asked this already, but would this wig (or any of your wigs, for that matter) fit cosplayers with larger heads? Thanks in advance!

  20. SofoDemon says:

    How long will it take to ship this wig? (I live in Sweden)

  21. Amaris says:

    Just received the wig. It’s my favourite wig already because it looks absolutely great and is very easy to style! Thank you!

  22. Savannah says:

    How long is the normal shipping (Maryland)

  23. Melanie says:

    Hi, I bought this at Anime Expo 2013 and this is a great and amazing wig, and I was wondering if there any ponytails, long or short, that would work with this wig.

  24. Feffy says:

    Just because I’ve been on the fence about it and the main wig picture might have is lighting, is this with a similar colour to Strife Heart Sword Kind?

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