This blue wig is a shaggy bob, with front hair that measures 6″ (15 cm). The bangs can be parted wherever you like. It’s now available in both bright blue and pale lavender. The bright blue is good for Aqua from Kingdom Hearts and Sugata from Star Driver, while the pale lavender is good for Cress from Pokémon, Miki from Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Tetsuya from Kuroko No Basuke.

You can now order this cosplay wig on!


    • Jessica

      Right now we only have it in this color. What shade would you like? If you send me a picture of the color (preferably a screen shot of the character), I’ll see if I can match that shade with the fibers I can get, and let you know how long it would take to get in stock. Thanks!

  • Alyssa

    Well, Im doing an Aqua cosplay, thats why i like this wig, because the style is PERFECT but for the way I’m doing her, I need it a bit lighter, so I was just hoping you guys would be able to maybe make it in the color you made this wig
    Because im designing my own thingy i dont have a picture, its just from what I can see from this wigs current color it would clash with my fabrics 🙁
    If not thats fine, but i would love you forever if you could <3

  • Sarah

    I really like the look of this wig. It’s perfect to cosplay Aqua, but I’m going to Otakon next weekend, and the wig I already bought is horrible and I can’t find another one. How long do you think it would take to ship this wig to 08043? Thanks!

    • We ship out of Philly, so it shouldn’t take more than two business days to arrive to you. If you order it tonight we’ll ship it tomorrow. Also, we’ll be at Otakon so if you wanted we could reserve one for you and you could pick it up the first day at the show.

  • Judith

    I ordered a pale lavender blue wig and paid for shipping so it’d reach me in 2-3 business days. It’s been almost 5 days and I still haven’t received it. 🙁

    • Jessica

      I went back and checked our records, and tracked the package. It was shipped to your address at Wheeled Caisson Square (not giving full address for privacy) on July 21, and arrived on July 23. Tracking number is 03103200000122616816 and you can track it at I’m not sure why you don’t have it. 🙁 Maybe double-check that the Paypal address is the right one? Ask roommates or neighbors or relatives if someone received it for you? If you can’t sort it out I can get the full Post Office tracking printout and send it to you and you can harass your postal carrier. Best of luck!

  • Brittany

    Im doing an aqua cosplay too, however I find the blue one too dark and the pale lavender one too light, i need a colour in the middle, where could i find one :S

  • Corinne

    I am thinking about ordering your wig for my Aqua Cosplay. I was wondering if the wig will need any styling to make it look similar to Aquas hairstyle.

  • Rebecca

    Hi, I was thinking about getting this for my Aqua cosplay. I was just wondering if it was possible to get a slightly different blue to the two you have offered? The bright blue is too bright and hurts my eyes, but the faded lavender blue to too light (I know because I originally bought a wig of the same colour off an ebay seller). So something between the two, at like #3F61DD (html colour coding), or around there. Would that be possible? Thanks.

  • Rebecca

    Actually, ignore my last post. XD I’ve mulled it over and I’ll just go with the faded lavender blue. I don’t want to be too much of a hassle and I supposed I could make it a wee bit darker myself if I choose too. Now I just need to save up a little bit more money. >_<

  • toastmoney

    I’m thinking of getting this in lavender for rei ayanami but I’m concerned it will be too much on the purple side. What do you guys think?

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