Heaven Snow Falling Meteor

Sesshomaru Cosplay WigUPDATED STYLE!!

This long white wig measures 39″ (100 cm). It has soft bangs, and would work well for Inuyasha or Sesshomaru from Inuyasha,  Squalo from Reborn!, and Duke from Tales of Vesperia.


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13 Responses to Heaven Snow Falling Meteor

  1. Luna says:

    Can the Heaven Snow Falling Meteor or the Icing Death Soul Twinkle be put into a ponytail?

  2. Mini says:

    This wig could also work for Haku Yowane :U or Squalo from KHR

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  4. Crim says:

    Hello! First off I have to say I absolutely love the wigs on this site, I’m always coming back for more~
    I’m considering a future cosplay of a humanised version of Amaterasu from Okami and this wig caught my eye. The only question I have is that is there any safe (for the wig) way to have the ends tinted black?

  5. Ilana says:

    I’m thinking of getting this wig for a Fem!Prussia cosplay :3

  6. Zaravae the Drow Priestess says:

    Hey gals, I’m having a bit of trouble with this wig. As you saw at Gencon last year, I tried braiding it. Well I’m trying something a bit fancier like a fishtail braid or something like this:
    but I keep having trouble with the netting showing underneath. Should I try doing the braids looser or do I need to get a differant wig? I’ve got a Wizards of the Coast event coming up on the 24th need a bit of help to fix this. Can you message me on Facebook with any tips you have. This is a great wig and I love it but am putting it through he!! with braiding and re-braiding to keep it from tangling into a cobweb of trouble and some advise would really help

  7. Beautiful wig! The length is wonderful, and the color is just gorgeous. Wear with a white wig cap underneath, and you’re all set to go dazzle! xx I fully recommend this site; the customer service and fast shipping are top-notch!

  8. Yanna says:

    Could this work for Shiro from Deadman Wonderland, or would you recommend something else?

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