Giant Prop Sand Slam

Lavi Cosplay WigThis russet red wig is nicely shaggy, and easy to put into spikes. It is good for Lavi from D-Gray Man, Gaara from Naruto, Matt from Death Note, and Spirit from Soul Eater. The length averages 4″ (10 cm).


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3 Responses to Giant Prop Sand Slam

  1. Molly says:

    Heyo! So I got this wig for my Matt cosplay and it was a total fail… The color wasn’t really what I expected, but it was still beautiful~ I couldn’t get rid of it so I got thinking…. and it makes the Perfect Steve Burnside wig! I can’t wait to be him

  2. Alla says:

    Sorry, can you tell me, whether this wig for Matt? And all the photos are really one and the same wig?

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