Clockwork Copper Coil Cascade

steampunk wig

This elegant coif of coiling curls is perfect for time traveling jaunts and formal receptions, and won’t go flat under your flight cap and goggles. Correct for every occasion from tidying up Mummy problems to high tea, this style has a rich and lovely shade that is set off marvelously by brass and wood grain. 22″ (56 cm) long.

This wig has been reviewed by repto!


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6 Responses to Clockwork Copper Coil Cascade

  1. Regina Marie says:

    Hey, we met at Dorian’s Parlor last night. (I was with Culture Asylum Magazine, and got the black wig…) Yeah, I’d still love to know when you get this in black! Thanks… (BTW, LOVE the one I got and I will have to defend it from the kids. lol)

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  3. Chibbi says:

    Hi, correct me if I’m wrong… This wig seems like it has been pinned up from the back? I’m wondering if it’s possible not have it pinned up since I need a Rogue (90′s X-Men) base wig. Thanks in advance!

  4. pennilane says:

    How re-styleable is this wig? I think the color would be great for the newer and thse days more prominent design of Mario games’ Princess Daisy (, but obvious it would need serious restyling.

    • Birdy says:

      It can be fully straightened and recurled, and can be parted in any direction. It will always have a bit of extra volume on the top of the head as it’s designed that way, but that should be helpful for Daisy.

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